It's absolutely time for a giveaway here on Lovenordic. I am giving away a Pia Wallen Large Cross Blanket in Grey (It's absolutely stunning in Grey). To enter, please post your Story North wish list in the comment field at the bottom of this post. Don't forget to put your name! I will be picking a winner at random on Thursday 27th February. Good luck lovely people.


  1. Thursday 27th of February is my birthday! :) I turn 27 then. My Story North wish list would definitely include the Kebnekaise Pouf, the By Lassen Kubus Bowl and the Muuto Wood Lamp! :) -- Flor | www.NordicDays.nl

  2. This would be a fab birthday gift!
    And as for my story north wishlist: iittala nappula candle holders!

  3. My wishlist consists of the following:

    - Plus Bedlinen by Normann Copenhagen

    - by nord Wally

    - Kebnekaise Pouf

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  4. my birthday is just the day after! :P
    Skandinavisk 70 Hour Candle, Pia Wallen Large Cross Blanket and Twist a Twill Blanket

  5. My Story North Wish List would be: the elephant stool bij Vitra, the Raven by Hanna Bjarnadóttir and the Little Joseph by Maxim Velčovský.

    Good luck to all participants!

  6. Someday those Kahler Urbania Light Houses WILL sit on my dining table!

  7. 1 BABY
    2 BABY

    wspaniały dar :***

  8. Assuming 'everything' isn't the right answer! The Kahler Omaggio Vase, Pia Wallen cross throw and I'm thinking about a Raven but not sure where I'd put it!

  9. I would actually LOVE that blanket for my bedroom and Miffy's lamp for my daughter's!!!!
    Fingers crossed!!! :) Ines Tomaz

  10. Oh I would love to have a Vipp 441 Hamper on the wish list.

  11. I love your products! My wish list (for now): 1) cross blanket; 2) DAR chairs; 3) cross tray; 4) black and white striped vase; 5) feather crown print.

  12. WIshlist would be:
    - by nord Eagle Cushion
    - Kubus 4
    - DAW Chair by Vitra
    - Reflect Sideboard by Muuto
    - Plus Bedlinen by Normann Copenhagen

    That'd be it for starters! :D

  13. This grey PW blanket looks amazing! It was very difficult but... On my Story North wishlist are... corky by Muuto, Norm milk lamp and the Stelton vacuum jug. Thanks for having this fantastic giveaway :-) i will keep my fingers crossed!

  14. Pour moi ce serait : Kay Bojesen Wooden Monkey, un classique en Suède !! Bonne chance à tous et toutes!!

  15. My wish list is Stelton Vacuum Jug, Snake Warderobe, Muuto Dots, Vipp pedal bin, by Nord branch cushion and of course Pia Wallen Large Cross blanket <3. Fingers crossed ;-)

  16. Vitra and Pia Wallen Cross tray are my favourite ones... Having little changes in our home in to grey so this blanket will fit there ... no doubt :)

  17. My Story North Wish List would be: Stelton Vacuum Jug, Kubus 4, Miffy, Eames Hang It All by Vitra, Stacking Shelf by Muuto and of courde Pia Wallen Large Cross Blanket. Thank you :) Marta (bochenek.m@gmail.com)

  18. The blanket is so gorgeous!!

    Here's my wishlist:
    Pia Wallen Cross Tray
    by nord Branch Cushion
    Iittala frying pan
    Kubus 4
    kubus 4 copper
    kubus 8

    Sonja Johnson

  19. Story North's Pia Wallen blanket give away has just made my day as I have long coveted this blanket! Beyond this blanket, my Story North wish list items include Muuto Dots for their simplicity and playfulness, Eames House bird for its iconic design and the wooden Birds, for their appeal to all ages. Thank you for your consideration. Sarah Bjornson: sbjornson73@gmail.com

  20. My Wish List would be: Woof Print, Pia Wallen Large Cross blanket, Kubus 4 black, Plus Bedlinen. Thank you <3

  21. It's very difficoult to choose among all your stunning products!
    my wishlist:
    Kahler Urbania Light Houses
    by nord Pine Forest Cushion
    by nord Bed Linen (Baby)
    by nord Photo Print Tea Towel
    and of course: Pia Wallen Large Cross Blanket !!

    love, Cate

  22. Blanket is so perfect!! My wish list would be DSW chair x 6, Kubus 4, Tom Dixon lights and many more.

  23. I love your blog, very inspired by today's post LOVE THIS with the brick walls painted in white, grey, I'm thinking of planning that this year, especially as we have a leak which has damaged the wall and fabric of our loft (such an atrocious weather here in the UK) so I might turn a loss in a win !! best wishes

  24. Sorry I completely forgot to type my wish list! One item : The blanket by Pia Wallen, definitely a must-have, thanks

  25. Love it!
    My wishlist: the pia wallen blanket.
    Greetings from germany!

  26. My wish list would be: everything. But if I HAD to pick individuals items - here we go:

    Eames Elephant by Vitra
    Reflect Sideboard by Muuto
    Kay Bojesen Wooden Elephant
    Pia Wallen Cross Blanket ;o)

    - Jenna, islandbluebird.com

  27. Anonymous19:41

    Hi! My name is Rachel. Love your blog!

    my wish list would be RAR Rocker By Vitra, Norm Milk lamp, and Kebnekaise Pouf

  28. The blanket is so beautiful!!
    My wish list :
    Vipp Pedal Bin (small & big) & the laundry!!
    Pia Wallen Cross Tray
    Fiducia Vase & Candlestick

  29. Love the blanket! I really need a nice cozy blanket in my new apartment.

    Apart from the blanket the Cross Tray, Butterfly stool by Vitra and Stacking shelf from muuto are on my Story North wishlist!

    Best wishes
    Sara S

  30. Really??? A Pia Wallen blanket? WOOOOW!
    This is my first point at my wishlist...
    the second would be the little Joseph and my third is the Vitra elephant...
    Love your shop <3

  31. My wishlist: Pia Wallen Cross Blanket, DSW Chair by Vitra and Vipp 441.

    The cross blanket has been my dream for soooooo long, I would be overjoyed to have it!!! <3

  32. Perfect giveaway! I wish for the blanket (lovely), the ittala candle holder and vipp pedal bin :)

  33. maree20:54

    The blanket is gorgeous in grey! My wish list would be the Kubus 4 candleholder in black and the Kubus bowl. Thanks!

  34. I usually never comment or enter giveaways but I just could´t resist this time because the blanket i so beautiful. I try to stay out of the "cyberworld" and live a little more in the real one :-) But I just can´t help my self to sneak in and watch some lovely blogs sometimes and yours are lovely. My wishlist: Some OYOY Tippetop Hooks - one in each color, I Love My Home Chopping Board, A Norm Milk Lamp and of course I would´t say no to A Pia Wallen Large Cross Blanket :-) I continue to sneak in sometimes.

  35. Anonymous21:15

    Beeeeaaautiful blog! *:D So inspiring!
    Pretty much everything on www.storynorth.com is on my wish list, but here goes:

    1. Pia Wallen Cross Blanket - of course! *:)
    2. Wood Lamp by Muuto
    3. Muuto Dots

    Best wishes Anne Mette


  36. My wish list: Stacking Shelf by Muuto, Plus Bedlinen by Normann Copenhagen and Vipp 263. Thank you for this lovely giveaway.

  37. My wishlist...An attempt to control myself..I could have added it all..;)


    xoxo Betina - betinaz@gmail.com

  38. My wishlist:
    Twist a Twill Blanket
    Kay Bojesen Hippo
    Menu Wine Decanter
    Pia Wallen Large Cross Blanket

    thanks for this!

  39. Wow!!!! I need a lot of "fortuna" really...
    Greetings fm Italy

  40. On my Story North wish list are:
    1. Oh Deer Print (big love)
    2. Muuto Dots
    3. Eames Hang It All

    and even more, but these are on the top of the list :)

  41. How I'd love to fill my new daughter's nursery with Story North goodness. The Miffy lamp, Eames Elephant and some by Nord baby bed linen are all on my with list.

  42. Anonymous23:00

    Love, love, love the Pia Wallen blanket. It's been at the top of my wish list for ages. Does anyone need anything else? :)


  43. I love it! My wishlist: Dala Horse, Kubus Bowl, Sarpaneva Cookware
    Best wishes, Julie Morris

  44. allison00:05

    I have been saving every single cent I can so I can eventually own one of those pia wallen blankets. They are just beautiful. So thatis on the top of my wish list at the moment!

  45. My Story North wishlist:
    > Miffy Lamp
    > Muuto Dots
    > Kebnekaise Pouf
    These would be the perfect finishing touches for my little boy's new bedroom. We're moving him into a different room soon to make way for his new baby brother or sister and I would love to make his new room fun, exciting, but super stylish :)
    Oh, and on the wishlist for me:
    > DAW Chair by Vitra
    For my new little compact home office that I will have to set up elsewhere in our house as we need to convert our study into his bedroom!
    Love everything though, and would all be welcome in my house (I wish) xx

  46. Tania Welsh03:10

    Wishing for all things nordic of course. Please send some Nordic Love to Sydney Australia.

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. What a fantastic giveaway. My Story North wish list would be: The Pia Wallen large cross blanket, the snake wardrobe, the Eames house bird and Miffy.

  49. besides the pia wallen, love the helbak cups, the see ya print, the reflect sideboard (though i don't even know where i'd put it in the small apartment) and the rar rocker for the little one hopefully on the way

  50. Hmmm, I dreams of dreams :
    - of course your giveaway blanket
    ( I had just finish my cross pillows two days ago and this blanket is perfect to my view )

    - cotton ball lights - grey

    maybe it would happen on my next week birthday ;o) and my dreams comes truth...

    :o) best regards

  51. I want everything from Story North! But if I had to narrow it down a bit: the Eames House Bird, white Aalto vase, PW Cross Tray, Raven, Miffy, and all things Vipp. I just moved to freezing cold northern Japan and I'm working out the strangeness of my rental house here from very short doorways to the lack of central heating(!) ... the PW blanket would be a lovely addition. Arigatō from Akita! -Anna / anna.designpunk@gmail.com

  52. Ma liste de désirs? Une super couverture Pia et vivre une nuit dans un Tree-House... Meilleurs messages made in Umbria,Italy!

  53. Ma liste de désirs? Une super couverture Pia pour vivre une nuit dans une Tree-House! Meilleurs messages made in Umbria,Italy.

  54. Pia Wallen blanket is on the top of my future basics.
    Eames House Bird by Vitra,
    DSW Chair By Vitra in white,
    Norm Milk Lamp
    Love the perfect selection in story north shop!
    Rody Radichkov

  55. Sonja08:15


    sarpaneva cokware it is!
    Ciao. Sonja

  56. Kubus 4, kahlser omaggio vase

  57. oh, definitely pia wallen cross blanket and miffy lamp for my daugter. i also love kubus candlestick!
    greetings from Poland x

  58. Anonymous09:03

    i love the Eames elephant, the Norm milk lamp, by Nord bed linen and of course Pia Wallen blanket!! Eva

  59. Pia Wallen Large Cross blanket and Birds...
    So much I like here.
    .-) greetings from


  60. My wish list:
    - dala horse
    - scandinavisk candle
    - RAR rocker by vitra

    from Priscilla in Denmark :-)

  61. I've lusted after the items in your shop for a long time, including Pia's blanket!

    On my wishlist would be a DAW chair by Vitra, Muuto Stacking Shelf, Kahler Omaggio vase, Norm Milk lamp and the Pia Wallen Cross Tray.

    Best wishes, Suzi Marshall

  62. Beautiful design!


  63. Kathleen10:38

    I would love the Pia Wallen cross blanket! Is has been on my wish list for a very long time. As for my Story North wish list ... where do I begin, it is all so beautiful. Firstly the Pia Wallen blanket. The Pia Wallen cross tray. Muuto dots and bedding by Nord. FINGERS CROSSED!!!! roofwell@clear.net.nz Thanks

  64. Hi, awsome giveaway! *.*

    My wishlist would be:
    - Miffy Lamp <3
    - DSW Chair By Vitra
    - Reflect Sideboard by Muuto
    - See Ya Print
    - Plus Bedlinen by Normann Copenhagen
    and Pia Wallen Large Cross Blanket & a lot more ;)

    Greetings Tine

  65. Anonymous11:11

    hace tiempo que tengo apuntada la manta gris de Pia Wallen en mi lista de deseos personal. La quiero yaaaaa¡¡¡¡¡ yyy lo siguiente las sillas para la cocina¡¡¡¡ un abrazoooo desde Barcelona de anamadariagas@hotmail.com

  66. My wish list would be part of renovating the spare bedroom to a nursery:
    RAR rocker by Vitra
    By nord bed linen (baby)
    Woof print
    See ya print
    Reflect sideboard by muuto (perfect storage and changing station)
    I can dream.....

  67. Dear LoveNordic
    My Story North is slightly different as it is a story about my 9 year old son Bodhi. He is currently feeling a little under the weather; camped out of the sofa. He asked my for some hot chocolate and so I went to Wholefoods to go and get him some Norwegian chocolate to make the hot chocolate with. He also loves reading about Norse mythology and his favorite myth is the one about the beginning of men and women, and how men were born from Ash trees and women Alder.
    It is currently also -13 degrees c at the moment ands so the Pia Wallen blanket would be a great gift for me to give to him and help him feel better.
    We live over in Saint Louis at the moment having moved here from the UK and it is creature comforts like blankets that help us make our house more of a home to.
    I work as a design director and have personally always loved scandinavian design and also the modern movement too. Bodhi is also really interested in design and so this would be a great first gift for him in terms of introducing him to good design.
    Good luck to all
    Gary and Bodhi

  68. Where to begin ??!!
    i love my home chopping board
    by nord tea towel
    dala horses
    oyoy placemats
    pia wallen cross tray
    by nord bed linens ..all of them
    snake wardrobe
    muuto dots
    grey star baby blanket
    muuto wood lamp
    miffy lamp
    eames elephant
    vipp bin
    eames hanger
    panton chair
    and of course the Pia Wallen Cross Blanket !!
    Please and Thank you ;)

  69. Hi LoveNordic,

    What a lovely give away! The cross blanket from Pia Wallen is gorgeous!! Every time when I see it on pinterest or blogs I fall in love again!! Other products what's on my wishlist are:
    * Bird - Kristian Vedel
    * RAR Rocker by Vitra white
    * Norm milk lamp
    It's hard to choose a few products, because they sell lots of beautiful design pieces!!

    Thank you for this give away!!


  70. Hi LoveNordic,

    What a lovely give away! The cross blanket from Pia Wallen is gorgeous!! Every time when I see it on pinterest or blogs I fall in love again!! Other products what's on my wishlist are:
    * Bird - Kristian Vedel
    * RAR Rocker by Vitra white
    * Norm milk lamp
    It's hard to choose a few products, because they sell lots of beautiful design pieces!!

    Thank you for this give away!!


  71. Wow! The Pia Wallen Cross Tray is absolutely wonderful, I love it.
    It´s a great and beautiful giveaway and I love to take part.
    Lovely hugs to you


  72. Great giveaway!! My wish list includes the Grey Star baby blanket and Miffy!!


  73. The cross blanket is my favorite! It's been on my wish list for some time now:).

  74. Anonymous19:20

    OYOY Rabbit 100%.... what a wonderful addition to the annual Easter Egg Hunt this year!


  75. Anonymous20:14

    The cross blanket and saucepan by iittala are my favorites.


  76. Úlfhildur20:50

    At the top of my wish list: Rar Rocker, Stacking shelf, Snake wardrobe, Muuto dots, Essense glasses, Dala horse and.....

  77. My wishlist:
    1. A Pia Wallen blanket
    2. Butterfly stool by Vitra
    3. Architect Made birds

    Greetings from Bremen, Germany!

  78. Four DSR Chair By Vitras for my dining room, Reflect Sideboard by Muuto to put underneath my TV and store my DVDs out of sight, Deer by nord Bed Linen (Single) sheets and duvet for the gray bedroom, and Skandinavisk 100 Hour Candles for the atmosphere of the living room! Basically I want everything. Especially the Pia Wallen blanket! <3 Julie R

  79. Anna Kueck

    KiBiSi Turn Around Juicer
    KiBiSi Turn Around Juicer
    Price Inc VAT £25.00
    Price Exc VAT £20.83

    The Turn Around juicer tells a story of craftsmanship, a story of materials and processes that have been used for centuries. So why hide your juicer in the drawer when the shape allows it to stand on its own.

    The KiBiSi has won many awards to include the Danish Design Prize, Wallpaper Design Award and the Venice Biennale Golden Lion.

    Miffy by MrMaria
    Price Inc VAT £135.00
    Price Exc VAT £112.50

    Dutch artist Dick Bruna created Miffy in 1955 after telling his sons a story about a rabbit they had seen on a beach holiday. Miffy has now been made into a beautiful, soft glowing lamp and is adored by children (and adults) all over the world. The light is made from polyethylene which is virtually unbreakable and is also totally recyclable, thus causing minimum damage to the environment.

    Measuring 50cm in height, Miffy is more than a children's lamp, it is a new friend...

    Corky by Muuto
    Corky by Muuto
    Price Inc VAT £35.00
    Price Exc VAT £29.17

    Andreas Engesvik on his design: “The shape of the Corky carafe is inspired by the archetypical bottle. It is a straightforward combination of glass and cork that functions equally well as a wine carafe, a water jug or even a milk bottle. Corky has simple and familiar form but with a characteristic and oversized detail. – The cork is large, easy to operate and visible in use.”

    Available seperately or as a set:
    £35 (inc VAT) for the Carafe
    £60 (in VAT) for the Carafe and 4 x glasses

    Hang Around by Muuto
    Hang Around by Muuto
    Price Inc VAT £25.00
    Price Exc VAT £20.83

    The Hang Around tools combine form, function and craftsmanship. They are precisely designed and crafted for a sleek modern look and improved functionality. The slit in the back of the cooking set furthermore lets you work freely in the kitchen, while your utensils hang around on your pots or pans.

    "To us good design starts with the person. We handpick the brightest design talent in Scandinavia and give them the freedom to express their individual story through everyday objects. Some want to alter the world, others find passion in colour and shape or draw deeply from personal experience. How do they see a chair, vase, lamp or any other everyday product? You will know our design because it has muutos. Objects made sublime through new perspectives, enjoyed across the world, representing the best of Scandinavian design today."

    Twist a Twill Blanket
    Twist a Twill Blanket
    Price Inc VAT £94.80
    Price Exc VAT £79.00

    Tina Ratzer is a Danish textile designer who studied at the design school Kolding. Now based in Copenhagen, she set up her own trademark which focuses on classic patterns with a modern twist using natural materials such as pure wool. She also works on exhibitions, public commissions and freelance assignments with her work exhibited at many places including the MoMA in New York.

    The Twist a Twill Blanket is made using 100% Australian Merino wool from sheep bred in a holistic organic farm. No harsh chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, just biodegradable soaps and oils.


  80. I had trouble posting the first time . . . so this is my real wishlist!
    KiBiSi Turn Around Juicer, Miffy by MrMaria, Corky by Muuto, Twist a Twill Blanket


  81. Oh god really it's tough to choose! All the shop maybe? Hehe
    The blanket itself is in my wishlist! Then all the Eames chairs, stacking shelves by Muuto, the Dala horse! Really so many :)

  82. RAR Rocker By Vitra in mustard
    Kay Bojesen Wooden Monkey
    Kubus Bowl in black
    Twist a Twill Blanket in brown
    Menu Lighthouse Oil Lamps in a selection of sizes
    Muuto Dots in natural
    and of course: Pia Wallen Large Cross Blanket in grey!


  83. Anonymous17:49

    I have always, always wanted Eames Hang it all! The blanket is awesome too. Would go great in my bedroom
    Nicola Reed

  84. I love Miffy light and Pia Wallen Cross Blanket!!

  85. I would love the blanket, and the wish list continues with wooden BIRDs, Miffy lamp to add some warmth to the room, as well as the RAR Rocker by Vitra. Thank you!

  86. Anonymous04:44

    Gorgeous items! I love all your blankets, light houses...the list could go on and on.

  87. Anonymous08:23

    My favorites are Pia Wallen Cross Blanket, Kebnekaise Pouf, Nappula Candleholder by iittala.

    Greetings from Germany!


  88. Kahler Urbania Light Houses
    Wood Lamp by Muuto
    Kay Bojesen Wooden Rocking Horse



  89. my wish list is loooong! but I love the cross tray the Butterfly Stool by Vitra, and BIRDs! I would love to snuggle with my sweetie under this gorgeous blanket!

  90. My birthday is the day after your give away and on my wisklist is the Twist and Twill blanket, the blanket from your give away and the wase from Kahler.



  91. My wishlist would be:
    Kubus 4
    Daw chair by Vitra
    Cross tray by Pia Wallen
    and of course Cross blanket

  92. There are so many things on my wishlist. But i'm currently obsessed with the Kubus bowl!.Another thing I love is the by Nord tea towels, oooh so lovely :-)

  93. Love the helbak dot bowls & pitcher!

  94. Anonymous08:57

    My wishlist: Daw Chair and of course Cross Blanket, it would go perfectly to my bedroom.

  95. Anonymous10:17

    The Milk Lamp and the Dala horses would be perfect with the black Cross Blanket I already bought from you. But a grey Cross blanket would be so perfect in my bedroom...
    Greetings from Hilde, Norway

  96. Super giveaway! My North wishlist would include:

    The Kubus Bowl (I love it as a succulent planter!)
    Wood Lamp by Muuto (not seen anything like it elsewhere)
    The Miffy lamp (too cute)
    The Pia Wallen Large Cross Blanket in grey
    The RAR rocker by Vitra

    - Emma


  97. Anonymous13:12

    THANKS for this GIVEAWAY! Pia Wallen's Cross Blanket is such a lovely item!!
    Furthermore, I like the Elephant Stool by Vitra in black colour as well as Corky by Muuto, Vipp 263 (salt & pepper) and Kubus 4 (either black or white) and...........

    May be it's more clever to list the products I don't like because this would be quite a short list: NONE

    Best wishes

  98. Anonymous15:41

    My favourite items from Story North are:
    -the Pia Wallen cross blanket and the Pia Wallen cross tray
    -the Kay Bojesen - wooden monkey
    -and Miffy

    All the best from the Netherlands, Anouk

  99. Anonymous15:45

    My favourite items from Story North are:
    -the Pia Wallen blanket and Pia Wallen cross tray
    -Kay Bojesen - the wooden monkey
    -and Miffy

    Greetings from the Netherlands, Anouk

  100. alessia21:56

    First five things that caught my eye browsing StoryNorth website? (tha's a tought one)
    1. Sarpaneva cookware by Iittala (Cooking?!...Me, me pleasee!)
    2. all (ALL!) their prints (See ya, especially)
    3. butterfly stool by Vitra
    4. Kebnekaise pouf
    5. the cross blanket (in ANY colour)

    Thanks for this gorgeous giveaway
    Love from Italy***

  101. alessia21:57


  102. I love the flow jug, the stilton vacuum jug, and the stacking shelf! Erin eringlabets[at]gmail.com!

  103. Number 1 on my wishlist is the pia wallen cross blanket, the kebnekaise pouf, the eames elephant, pretty much all of the candleholders, by nord Photo Print Tea Towels...the list could honestly be neverending!

    Thank you for such a great giveaway :)


  104. Greetings from Portland, Maine, USA - you have a beautiful blog and I visit often. Thanks for the give away. I like the helback cups, bowls and pitcher, the middy lamp, the enamels hang it all and the littala cookware.
    Cheers, Catherine

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  106. What more can I wish if I win this beautiful Pia Wallen blanket? It will look beautiful in our bedroom in our new but old (and therefore a bit cold) house.
    On my wishlist:
    Snake Wardrobe / Kahler Stella tea light holder / Butterflies wall decoration
    Kind Regards, Annette

  107. Anonymous06:53

    My favorite is Stacking Shelf by Muuto - and the Cross Blanket in grey :-) Have a wonderful day. Best from anita.barner@gmail.com

  108. Well everything really but if I have to chose
    Little Joseph
    Wooden Monkey
    Butterfly Stool
    I could go on and on!

  109. Ooh my favourite +++ blanket. :)

    My wishlist:
    1) Kubus 4
    2) Vitras Butterfly stool
    3) The perfect Laundry bin Vipp 441


  110. This comment has been removed by the author.

  111. Craig Morris17:07

    Animal Theme

    1. Vitra Eames Elephant
    2. Dala Horses
    3. Birds by Kristian Vedel

  112. Pia Wallen Cross Blanket in grey really does look stunning! I absolutely love it!

    My wishlist from Story North would be :

    Pia Wallen Large Cross Blanket in Grey
    Kahler Urbania Light Houses
    Kubus candlestick
    Stelton Vacuum Jug in Graphite

  113. sweety20:44

    I really like the Kubus 4 candle holder and the wood lamp by Muuto....and to be honest i could have picked the all store:) Thank you for this giveaway. Greetings from Belgium

  114. My favorites are Pia Wallen Cross Blanket, Birds, Kahler Urbania Light Houses.

    Many thanks, Michelle, a Danska in NY...

  115. So much to love! If I have to narrow it down, I'm smitten with the RAR Rocker By Vitra, the Helbak Cups, and the Kubus 4 Copper.

  116. What a coincidence! I was just checking Story North shop and putting together my b-day wish list! And found this great giveaway… So here is my wish list:
    Nappula Candleholder by iittala
    Kahler Omaggio Vase
    Kubus 4
    Pia Wallen Cross Tray and Cross Blanket


  117. Since I can't wish for all, I will go for these favourites :)

    Vipp 441 white
    Casserole by iittala
    Norm Milk Lamp
    Pia Wallen Cross Blanket

  118. Anonymous18:27

    First time I do this, but .. the Pia Wallen Cross Blanket is a wish I do have for so many years, so this is my one and only wish.
    Thanks for your wunderful blog and greetings from a german, who loves the nordic way of living,
    kaere hilnser

  119. I absolutely LOVE this Pia Wallen cross blanket! Also have been eyeing the Twist a Twill Blanket... Both would look awesome on the RAR Rocker! Thanks for the giveaway! - Dana

  120. In common with most of the commenters, I love the blanket (obviously!), the cross tray and Kubus 4. Also really like the OYOY placemats and Muuto stacking shelves. Love from London!

  121. Anonymous19:48

    Story North,
    thank you for this giweaway.
    My favourite items from StoryNorth is my wish list:
    - Pia Wallen cross blanket
    - Vipp pedal bin
    - Vipp salt and pepper
    - kubus bowl
    - kubus 4

    You shop where inspires me. Thanks

  122. my top three,

    Kubus Bowl
    Butterfly Stool by Vitra
    Plus Bedlinen by Normann

    thank you for a inspiring blog!


  123. Anonymous06:23

    I love everythink, but my favorite is Kubus 4 candle holder. It is dificult to chose. i love everything. Kisses from Spain

  124. Anonymous19:56

    It would have to be ...I love my home chopping board. So cute for my home sweet home

  125. mountain pouf and the striped cups---and the cross blanket!!

  126. What a beautiful giveaway, especially since its my birthday on the 26th ;-) My favourites are the muuto wooden dots and the shelving units, which are both such great ideas. Thanks! x

  127. Kay Bojesen Wooden Monkey and an Eames house bird make the top of the wish list for me

  128. The blanket would be a perfect on my black and white bed. Also on wish list, the OYOY Rabbit. Perfect for Easter but at other times too.

  129. The blanket would be perfect on my black and white bed. Also on wish list, the OYOY Rabbit that is adorable for Easter but works year around.

  130. I love everythink, but my longtime wishlist is Pia cross blanket, Eames bird, Little Joseph, Muuto dots, Eames Elephants...I like this iconts. Thanks for giveaway. Greats Martina Skutkova/ barabasca.made@gmail.com

  131. janinemahon@hotmail.com18:04

    There is absolutely nothing on Story North that I don't love. The design of each piece is wonderful. What a wonderful collection. If I have to make a list for the opportunity to win this incredible giveaway..here is is:
    -Menu Gridy Me Mirror (I have seen this pop up a few places recently and love it!)
    -PYPY Pif Paf Puf!
    -Corky by Muuto
    -KiBiSi Turn around Juicer (what a great shape)
    -RAR Rocker by Vittra of course
    -Vipp 15/16/24 Pedal Bin (what could make trash any better!)

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  132. I'd go for everything but a couple of favourites are the Kebnekaise Pouf and the Kubus 4 candle holder. Thanks, Rachel

  133. If I were to dream up a perfect house I would have the stunning adaptable Table by Muuto, a couple of RAR Rockers by Vitra , the adorable Bed Linen by nord, and the gorgeous Skandinavisk 100 Hour Candle to keep my nice and snugly in my Pia Wallen blanket.

  134. I'm designing two bedrooms for my children at the moment, so have been a frequent visitor to Story North in the past few weeks. The Pia Wallen blanket would be a perfect addition to my son's room (if I could bear to put it in there and not on my own bed, that is!). The other items I'm coveting are:

    * The Miffy lamp
    * Eames Hang it All
    * by nord hedgehog bed linen
    * the amazing Kay Bojesen Wooden Rocking Horse (if money were no object)

    My name is Kate Bridge and I have everything 'crossed' ;)

  135. Wishlist would absolutely include the Kubus candleholder, Muuto stacking boxes, the Pia Wallen cross blanket (of course!) and anything else that imparts hygge, organization and comfort. There are too many wonderful items to choose from!

  136. Thank you for this lovely giveaway and your beautiful blog. My wish list:
    Cross blanket
    Wooden monkey and bird
    Muuto hooks
    Korbut candle holder

    But honestly, it is all just so wonderful

  137. Anonymous16:32

    Hard to choose from but what I really need right now is Vipp's toilet brush and pin. What I really love is Cross blanket. That grey colour is awesome.

  138. Anonymous20:31

    My wish list includes three items that I would love to have in my new flat (I'm moving in less than two months) - they are the Muuto dots in black, the Oyoy Pif Paf Puf in white and that beautiful Cross blanket. Heavenly.
    Love your blog,

  139. My wish list definitely includes the Pia Wallen Cross Blanket! Others are Wood Lamp by Muuto, VIPP pedal bin and Kebnekaise Pouf
    - Wylyn

  140. Anonymous17:01

    Skandinavisk candles to feel "hygge" at home, Miffy to offer to my friend and absolutely the lovely Pia Wallen cross blanket in grey! :-)

  141. Oh, it's really hard to choose, but if I have to I'd pick Kubus candle holder and Kähler Omaggio vase this time :)

  142. The Miffy lamp, the Miffy lamp, oh god the Miffy lamp! :)